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Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are common conditions that occur because of the overuse, repetitive actions and direct contact that many sports include. Different sports often cause different types
of injuries:

    • Running/Jogging

– This activity puts stress on the back, as the pounding against pavement can compress structures within the spine.

  • Swimmer’s Shoulder
    – Shoulder pain in swimmers is often caused by rotator cuff irritation
    that occurs from overuse and emphasis on the internal rotation of the
    shoulder. This condition causes pain radiating down the arm.
  • Tennis Elbow
    – This condition involves pain on the outside part of the elbow as a
    result of tendon tears or ruptures, commonly caused by the twisting and
    rotating motions from tennis.
  • Weightlifting
    –Weightlifting can cause serious injuries within the back, shoulders, neck
    and knees as a result of heavy lifting.