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Pain Management

Pain! We have all experienced it at some point in our lives.  If you are living in constant pain, you have most likely tried every idea, medication, and have been to a host of doctors.  The pain may be keeping you from doing the things you love.  You should not have to live in pain!  We strive to return you back to your normal daily activities pain free.   Our services include:

Knee pain relief

Large and Small Joint Injections

Knee Pain Relief

If you are experiencing knee pain-whether it is from an injury, daily wear and tear, or arthritis-chiropractic, medical, physical therapy, and pain management can be combined together as a team approach to relieve knee pain and return you back to your normal activities of daily living.  If you have been told a knee replacement is in your future, but you would like to seek other options, this may be an alternative treatment plan for you.  Treatment options may include knee injections, knee braces, and physical therapy, but your specific condition dictates which options are best for you.

There are two different substances that can be injected into the knees to help with pain and inflammation in the knee joint and surrounding soft tissues.  The first is sarapin, which is an all-natural anti-inflammatory substance.  The second is hyaluronic acid, which is a substance found naturally inside of our knee joints that helps maintain the soft tissues of the knee.  These injections are generally done under video fluoroscopy or diagnostic ultrasound to ensure accurate placement of the needle for best results.

We carry two Medicare approved knee braces.  One is an unloader knee brace that helps stabilize the knee joint during treatment.  It makes walking less painful and easier by relieving pressure from the narrowed joint space in the knee.  The other knee brace is the only FDA approved device capable of rebuilding knee cartilage.  This BioniCare wrap helps to reproduce a healthy knee joint, avoid dependency on medication, and is guaranteed to defer total knee replacement for up to four years.  Whether you have knee pain due to an injury or from arthritis, Med +Plus is your complete knee care facility.

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Large and Small Joint Injections/Trigger Point Injections

Sarapin is a natural solution extracted from Sarraceniaceae, a pitcher plant, and is used as an alternative to steroids or cortisone injections for the treatment of pain. This alternative solution offers effective relief from pain, swelling, and inflammation caused by certain orthopedic conditions, while eliminating the side effects often caused by other types of injections.  As a natural substance, sarapin is non-toxic and does not accumulate within the body and does not damage or weaken cartilage, bones, or tendons.  It can be injected nearly anywhere in the body and is commonly used to treat shoulder pain, knee pain, ankle pain, elbow pain, sacroiliac joint pain, sciatica, muscle pain, and trigger points.  Sarapin injections are commonly performed under diagnostic ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance to ensure the medicine reaches its exact destination inside of the joint or muscle.  After the exam and appropriate tests a treatment plan will be discussed among healthcare professionals.  To maximize results, sarapin injections may be combined with other alternative treatment methods such as physical therapy and chiropractic care.  These treatments combined will decrease pain and increase range of motion in the joint or muscle, which in turn will allow the patient to get back to his or her normal daily activities pain free!  Sarapin injections have been used for many decades as a natural alternative to the sometimes toxic injections commonly used to relieve pain.  It is effective for many patients in treating chronic pain and allowing patients to return to their regular activities.